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Language services

We speak your language


Our company offers services in three major areas:

education in Moscow, study abroad programs, translation services.

Education in Moscow
In-class and online
programs for foreign
language learning
Study abroad programs
Individual and
group study trips
Translation agency
Translation from/into 40 languages. Texts of
any size and difficulty.

Our competitive advantages

Experience and reputation are our primary

advantages but there are more of them.

1. TOP 50 in Russia
We are among the top 50 best translation companies.
According to 2018 research agency report
2. Forty languages
Translation of texts of any size and any difficulty. Professional translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Whisper interpreting
3. Team of professionals
Over 70 interpreters, translators, teachers and native speakers are in our team.
4. Company’s intellectual products
-Electronic educational tool “Training Box”,
-Express foreign languages training system “EN 16 Polyglot”.
5. Reliable partners in Russia and abroad
We have a lot of partners and subcontractors both in Russia and abroad.
6. Convenient location in Moscow
Troilinsky Lane (M. Smolenskaya), Noviy Arbat str. (M. Arbatskaya),
Zubovsky boulevard str. (M. Park Kultury), Kurkino District (Khimki)

Visit our office

Free delivery available.

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